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Commercial Walk-In Cooler Services in Harrison, AR

You can count on Ozark Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration to provide you with exceptional quality commercial walk-in cooler installation & repair in Harrison, AR, Branson, MO and surrounding region. Walk-in coolers are critical systems in food service and food preparation businesses. They help ensure food and ingredients are kept fresh. As a trusted walk-in cooler installation company, we have your commercial walk-in cooler service needs covered.

Commercial Walk-In Cooler Installation

The installation of all commercial walk-in cooler equipment must be handled by a professional. Various aspects of the installation, including electrical wiring, refrigeration lines, and other components must be performed by a certified technician and installed according to code. We offer comprehensive walk-in cooler installation services, help with the selection of the model to install, and a quality installation of the new unit to ensure its proper operation.

Walk-in Cooler Repair Service in Harrison, AR

If you work in the food service or preparation industry, you know the value of a commercial walk-in cooler. These units are designed to protect thousands of dollars’ worth of food inventory in a safe manner for customers. Walk-in Cooler’s require proper care and maintenance to ensure their efficiency & longevity. This includes commercial walk-in cooler repair in Harrison, AR as needed when any issues arise.

Common issues requiring repair can include excessively high temperature, lack of power, constantly running motor, ice buildup, and ice in the drain pan. These and other issues will tend to only grow worse the longer you wait to schedule repair service.

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Commercial Walk-In Cooler Services

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